Spa Day Sopwell House Style

It was time for my friend Jade and I to relax and unwind, and what better what to do so than a day at Sopwell house. A beautiful Georgian country house retreat in Hertfordshire. Spa-ing with a dear friend can be a fantastic way to catch up, chill out, feel great and thanks to the absence of too many cocktails – remember everything that happened – (just do not take your phone into the steam room). I will explain that a bit later 🙂

We started the day with a luxurious treatment, I went for the Espa Enzyme Facial which was a powerful and highly effective natural facial peel which dramatically smoothes, softens and evens skin tone. The soothing massage using rose quartz crystals which felt sensational and extremely relaxing left me with a radiant & glowing complexion. I knew I had made the right choice with my treatment.

Jade chose the Espa Hot Stone massage which she definitely deserved as she has a very hectic work schedule up and down the country. The therapeutic full body massage which used aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve her deep muscle tension. Jade definitely managed to unwind and her body felt extremely rejuvenated afterwards.


We had full use of the spa & leisure facilities, exercise & relaxation classes, use of the complimentary refreshment station, robe, towels and slippers throughout the day. We then moved on to a delicious 3 course buffet lunch in The Brasserie. This was extremely lively, modern and stylish offering a wide variety of choice. We managed to sample everything whilst sipping on our white wine and going for seconds we couldn’t get enough. We caught a glimpse of the yummy deserts and of course saved some room for those.

To walk off lunch we had a leisurely stroll around the stunning grounds, which were more beautiful then they appeared in pictures. I had visited Sopwell house before on a Hen party and the views still remained charming.

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Then lastly the extremely inviting Spa facilities had our names written all over them, and we had to go for a dip. This was the perfect way to carry on with our nattering and relaxation time. We then made our way to the steam room where it nearly all went wrong, (my fault completely.) I decided to take my phone into the steam room which I thought would be ok somehow. I placed my phone into the little slot where the steam was coming from presuming it was safe. Well how wrong was I???  Two seconds later my phone was literally going up in smoke. I tried to rescue it but it was so hot and burning my hands, luckily there was a little stick that I could push it out with. Once outside the steam room my I-phone was obviously too hot to turn on, but it survived 15 minutes later. I was extremely thankful to my perfect ending even though I slightly burnt my hand trying to save my phone.

Moral of the story do not take your phone into the steam room with you!!

I cannot wait to go back and visit Sopwell House over the festive break as they have some fantastic offers.

For more information head too –

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