6 Great Park Exercises

So you’ve already met our fantastic personal trainer columnist, Emma Bord (if you haven’t check her out here.) We are thrilled to be sharing her latest post on 6 Great Park Workouts.’

We are now well and truly into summer, and what better way to make the most of the rising temperatures and longer days then by taking our workouts into the great outdoors.

There are so many ways we can all keep fit without even entering the gym. Why not head down to your local park, pick a nice spot with a bench and get stuck into the following work out which in only 6 moves is guaranteed to burn fat and build muscle (some just using a park bench), getting you ready for when summer arrives.

Plan: Repeat every exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each one. After the sequence take a minutes rest and then repeat three more times.

Move 1: Step ups on a bench – 30 secs leading with the left then 30 secs leading with the right.

Move 2: Squat – or jump to increase difficulty.

Move 3: Bench press ups – feet raised onto the bench and abs on the floor , deep and low press.

Move 4: Lunge Jumps – step forward into a lunge, then jump up as high as you can, switching the legs mid air and then landing in a lunge with the opposite leg in front.

Move 5: Tricep Dips on a park bench

Move 6: Plank shoulder tap again with the feet on the bench so increasing the difficulty level by having elevated legs.

If you would like to book a pt session with Emma :

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