The Bare Scientist #11

Falling in Love with Vegetables

Balsamic Spelt Crackers ::: with a selection of roasted vegetables. Dips: white kidney bean and roasted red onion hummus • tomato and harrisa salsa • spiced carrot and coriander dip.

Whilst this picture is a total happy accident in somewhat resembling a heart shape, my ethos around getting people to embrace vegetables is not. If I could bag a pound for every time I heard people say they hate vegetables, well you know how the saying goes.

There are so many ways to incorporate vegetables into one’s diet and truly appreciate some fantastic flavours so here are a few tips:

  • Try different ways of cooking vegetables:

Instead of boiling vegetables past the point of no return, why not try roasting them which always bring out a truly delicious and uniquely rich flavour in each vegetable. An alternative could be to flash fry / stir fry also. Even a soup can get your creativity going and you’d be surprised what you think you don’t like and what you actually do.

  • Get Saucy:

If you really are averse to eating vegetables maybe from a textural standpoint, why not try making tomato sauces or vegetable mashes where you can start to appreciate flavours perhaps without the texture. Swap gravy for a homemade vegetable sauce and you are definitely on your way to creating a more nutritious meal. A good root mash is a great place to start and purees can be made out of all sorts of vegetables from peas to celeriac to give a different element to the dish. Adding more vegetables to stews, pies and one pot dishes is also a great alternative.

  • Play with Textures:

Sometimes people just chuck everything together which means everything tastes the same, especially when overcooked. Why not roast some vegetable, have some raw and have some stewed like in this photo? It gives your taste buds different sensations and a different sensation with every mouthful

  • Spices are your Friend:

Try adding extra flavour to vegetables. Spices such as lemon pepper, cumin, chilli, turmeric, or even fresh herbs or a squeeze of lemon or lime can make the world of difference. Add flavour to your vegetables and see if they make a noticeable difference that gets you on board.

  • Try Something Different:

I have a lot of people say they hate vegetables. When I ask them what they have it’s the same old thing every day… again overcooked. Yeah, I’d be bored too. If you live on over boiled frozen mixed vegetables, try different vegetables. Go out specially and look at what intrigues you or what you think you might like the taste of. Assess texture also. Roast some cruciferous produce, do a stir fry of a mixture of vegetables (if you don’t know where to start with what to include, supermarkets have a special range ready to go for you) or make a platter of crudites with carefully chosen dips such as a good old trusted hummus or baba ganoush.

I remember growing up and always getting excited seeing huge veggie platters and dips being made in the kitchen. I’d help to bring the trays and boards to the dining area and quickly discovered that the feast wasn’t for me but the adults 😏
There’s so much goodness going on right here which is what I love. Variety. No pill will ever match. So grab a plate and tuck in!


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