A Foodie’s Journal Eats London’s Journey #8

Lawyer by day, foodie by night. You’ve already met Ash from Eatslondon.com, and know that he shares with us the most delicious restaurants that are a must try. His website Eatslondon.com is dedicated to food reviews from the food capital of the world, (London) and here he is today sharing his secret with us.

June/July go to restaurants : Parisian haute-favourite – Ferdi – arrived in Shepherd Market from across the channel with little to no fanfare earlier this year, and in all honesty, it’s probably done itself a favour by staying under the radar. This restaurant will not be lauded by critics, but it will be popular with the clientele it wishes to attract, who will seek it out no matter what. The Parisian outpost is a hotspot for actors, models, fashionistas, which is altogether quite surprising considering it serves up greasy cheeseburgers, macaroni cheese, and not a huge amount more. The London version will likely appeal to a similar crowd. Is it any good though? Not really. I love a burger and mac and cheese as much as the next person, but if you’re going to rack up a bill at almost £70+ a head (granted with an abundance of wine on my visit) it really has to be the best burger in town. And it’s not. It’s passable. It’s tasty. It’s a burger. Having said that, there’s a great atmosphere in the extremely crammed space (it only has 30 covers) and the booking system is quite innovative (though, again, won’t be to everyone’s taste). Dinner reservations are made by sending a text message, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a text back confirming your table. That’s the kind of place they are. This place is not for everyone. You have been warned.

Another slam-dunk for Jason Atherton in the form of Italian Hai Cenato, one of the plethora of restaurants opening in Victoria’s new Nova development. You’d think I’d be bored of writing about yet another Atherton establishment if it wasn’t for the fact they’re always so damn good. This time he’s doing pizza and pasta, but not just any pizza and pasta. Think spring pea and broad bean risotto with Cornish crab, mint and pea shoots. Think pizza with confit lamb neck, spiced aubergine, yoghurt and mint and pizza with homemade fennel sausage, prosciutto, stracciatella, and marjoram gremolata. This is top class fare in a lovely room at very decent prices. You can’t go wrong really. Book now and thank me later.

A huge thank you to Ashley and don’t forget to check out his website, Eatslondon.com.

Instagram: ashleyeatslondon

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