Create A More Relaxed You

Keeping fit and exercising are the main ingredients for a healthy life. As I’m always told you may look great on the outside now but long term you need a balanced, nutritious diet as well as regular exercise to keep you in great shape both mentally and physically, internally and externally.

I had just gone through a miscarriage in April and failed IVF not long before that so my stress levels were extremely high. I wanted to regain a balanced pure way of living, and there was nothing better for me than Yoga. I went to Yoga at the lovely Hilltop Studio Muswell Hill.

Hilltop Studio offers a modern, uplifting yoga studio with incredible views over London.  They have an exciting and varied programme of classes, for all levels and abilities, and a team of experienced teachers who practice a variety of styles.

I was lucky enough to take a class with the excellent Ali Schilling. Yoga teacher, director and owner at Hilltop Studio.

Ali offer beginners and intermediate flow classes and likes to structure them either thematically – exploring concepts, ideas and thoughts  – or anatomically – focusing on a different areas of the body to work, open and release. Music is very important to her  in her class.

“I adore creating new playlists and have a bit of a weakness for West African music  I am in my happy place in a studio – be it on a yoga mat or with a camera in my hand – so the opportunity to establish Hilltop Studio has been a complete dream for me.  If you don’t find me here, you’ll find me chasing after two much cuter, mini-versions of myself.  Watch out Muswell Hill!”

I really connected with Ali and found her teaching method a very helpful way to relax, de-stress and switch off which is just what I needed. I started to feel better about 20 minutes into the class of an hour long session. There is no denying that yoga definitely makes you feel good overall and a lot happier and more positive. I believe that the secret to living well and feeling great starts with your mind and yourself. With this in mind yoga is a great place to start. I cannot wait to visit Hilltop Studio again soon.

Website – Hilltop Studio

Instagram – Hilltop Studio

Twitter – Hilltop Studio


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