Get Beach Body Ready

So you’ve already met our fantastic personal trainer columnist, Emma Bord (if you haven’t check her out here.) We are thrilled to be sharing her latest post on how to get your body ‘beach ready.’

Summer bodies are made now!

Every year we find ourselves a week away from getting into that bikini, wishing we had spend more time working on our heavy bod during the winter months.. That’s why its good to know it is never to late to start now. The evenings are getting lighter, afternoons longer, and the sun is shining, offering ample time to kick that body into action, whether it is in the gym, outside in the park, or even in your front room!

Kickstarting a healthy balanced lifestyle will make your bikini body goals far more achievable and enjoyable that cramming in 7 workouts in a week whilst crash dieting. Plus it means when we have those cheeky heatwave weekends in June, we are well and truly ready to get those shorts out and wear them with confidence!


How It Works:

Perform each exercise for the instructed number of reps, with a 10 second rest between each exercise. At the end of the set, rest for one minute then repeat the circuit twice more.

Burpee: 15 reps (harder option: chest to floor burpees!)

Press up and twist: 20 reps (10 each side)

Squat jump: 20 (harder option: knee tapping squat jumps)

Mountain climbers: 30 reps

Alternate lunges: 20 reps (harder option lunge jump)

Plank Transfer: 10 reps with a 20 second hold on the end in low plant position.

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