The Bare Scientist #4

The Bare Scientist is back with this culinary extravaganza which has to be our North London Calling Dish of the week, now over to her…

Up 🍫your 💫banana 🍌game –

Bananas Covered In Dark Chocolate & Crushed Almonds

Life is sorted when these are in my fridge 🙌

Yep…I’m still hearing patients in clinic that are super confused about what they can have / can’t have and just get to the point where they feel helpless. A doctor said don’t eat bananas 🙄 a nurse said don’t eat oranges 🤦‍♀️ Well this nutritionist says eat your fruit …incorporated *into* your meal.

I’ve said this a few times now and people seem relieved when I explain the concept to them. And guess what?!….when we do analysis from blood glucose diaries where fruit has been incorporated into the diet…everything looks promising! No hypos and no elevated blood glucose levels! Do not be scared to eat whole foods in portions suitable to YOU and your body and your needs.

Thank you very much to The Bare Scientist.

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