Pollen + Grace The Perfect Pick For Deliciously Healthy Food To go

I am really trying to stick to my new healthy eating lifestyle, (with the occasional bad day  you guys know how much I love a hob knob) but it definitely helps when there are new exciting options around. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring or stressful.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about Pollen + Grace which is a London food-to-go company with a difference. Born out of a frustration at a lack of lunchtime eating options, two friends Stephanie Johnson and Kristina Komlosiova supported by Stephanie’s mum Hazie decided to start making food that would help Londoners heal, thrive and feel the best they possibly could.

With a collection taking you from breakfast, to lunch, to afternoon snacks, Pollen + Grace don’t believe in diet food (phew no good at diets anyway.) They believe in long term, sustainable, healthy food choices that enrich our bodies – and taste amazing whilst doing it!

All of their products use only 100% natural ingredients and are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars and approved by an in-house nutritionist.

Each product is handmade at their Vauxhall kitchen before being delivered fresh to over 50 stores across London including Planet Organic, Harrods, Selfridges & Co, SOURCED market, Simply Fresh, PSYCLE and As Nature Intended. They also deliver straight to home or work Monday-Friday across zones 1-3, with sweet treats available nationwide.

Kristina explains the Pollen + Grace philosophy:

“We strongly feel that people shouldn’t have to compromise on taste and flavour when eating on the go. Our focus is on making innovative food, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. All of our food is free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars – why? Because we believe that natural, nutrient-dense options are best – we weren’t created in factories so our food shouldn’t be either.”
Stephanie adds:

“We don’t believe in diets or eating fads, we believe in long term, sustainable, healthy food choices that enrich our bodies. We believe in stripping it back to the basics – using real, fresh ingredients combined to create a nutritionally balanced and complete meal. Nature is our pharmacy, and we believe in providing your body with everything it needs to be happy and healthy through nutritional, natural food. This is why all of our products are purposely designed to fulfil a specific health benefit, whether it be balancing acidity levels or healing the gut.”

Now for the part to make you dribble:

With menus refreshed seasonally, all products are created using seasonal and fresh ingredients. There are currently 16 products in the collection. Highlights include:
Acai + chia detox pot

Acai + blueberry chia pudding with creamy coconut milk yoghurt, topped with almond and buckwheat granola – £4.50

The alkaline balance box

Grilled organic prawns with a creamy pea mash, detoxing courgetti + kohlrabi salad and a wheatgrass salsa verde – £7.50

The detox box

Sweet potato hummus + cleansing beetroot quinoa with a crunchy sprout salad, pomegranate jewels + sunflower seeds – £7.50
Paleo banana bread

Deliciously moist, grain free banana bread. The perfect afternoon protein hit – £3,00

Raw beauty bar

An antioxidant packed raw tahini bar enriched with acai and acerola super fruits – £3.00

Find out more and order from the pollen + grace website: www.pollenandgrace.com

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