Muffin Top Fat Busting Workout

So you’ve already met our fantastic personal trainer columnist, Emma Bord (if you haven’t check her out here.) We are thrilled to be sharing her latest post on how to get rid of those dreaded muffin tops.

Muffin Top Fat Busting Workout!

The guys like to grab it and the girls want to hide it.. that muffin top area of the body that we squeeze into our slightly small sized jeans! If this, like many is your trouble spot fear not… get yourself going with this high intensity combination workout, mixing up heart raising cardio with core strengthening exercises.

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Carry out as many as you can of each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each one. When you have completed all the exercises take a 2 minute break and then repeat for two more sets, so 3 sets in total 🙂
For examples of how to do each exercise check out my instagram video @emmabordpt

1. Burpee

2. Basic Crunch

3. Squat jumps

4. Alternating Leg Raises

5. Explosive star jumps

6. Bicycle Crunches

7. Alternating lunge jumps

8. Plank

9. Mountain Climbers

10. Russian Twists

If you would like to book a pt session with Emma :

Please email –

Instagram – Emmabordpt


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