The Bare Scientist #2

As it is a Monday and we always like to start the week off well, after over indulging Friday through to Sunday. Or perhaps all week it just went wrong….I actually had the week from ‘Hell’ with my IVF cycle having to be stopped due to miscarriage as the doctors changed my medication wrongly and then finding outing some sad news with regards to my health.

I felt that I wanted to start of this week in a healthy and nutritious way. These delicious breakfast smoothies of berries & mango topped with maple & walnut granola had to be our absolute  favourite dish of the week from our ‘in house nutritionist’ The Bare Scientist. Now over to her for the recipe.

🍓Quick and simple breakfast smoothie🍏

I get a fair few pre-diabetic and diabetic clients who are under the impression that they cannot consume fruit at all. complete no-go is what they have been told. Some of the information they have been given has left them so confused that they genuinely fear making food choices.🍒Well…☝️ I bring good news. Let’s set the record straight.


You do not need to exclude it from your diet. The key is to incorporate it into your diet, not to have it in addition. What I mean by that is this: Say you are aiming for 5-a-day within your diet to meet YOUR PERSONAL daily dietary requirements. For arguments sake, you have 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of veggies, that’s great. Where the confusion lays is meeting a daily target and consuming say.. ten pieces of fruit on top of that. This is where HbA1c and FBG (fasting blood glucose) levels will begin to rocket and insulin levels will spike out of range.

🍌Were you told you can’t eat bananas, mangoes, apples or oranges? You can. JUST MAKE SURE it is within the requirements of your PERSONAL diet; meaning portion control.  🙇‍♀️Some may agree, some may not. I’m fine with that. But when you work with top experts day in, day out and see first hand results from quality clinical trials of the highest level (RCTs), then say something.

Nutrition nowadays is about protecting the public by having the most convicting evidence in order to provide advice to the public. Such a touchy subject for many…I just class it with religion and politics.



1 mango
2 cups of frozen or fresh mixed berries (blueberry, strawberry, red currants)
1/4 cup almond milk (any liquid to help blend)
Maple syrup
Squeeze of lime

– Blend the mango and maple syrup (add to taste) in a separate batch to the berries, lime and maple syrup in order to achieve the two-tone look.
– Alternate each blend and top with granola.

Get sipping this amazingness now!.

Thank you very much to The Bare Scientist.

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