The Bare Scientist #1

Please say a massive hello to our ‘in house nutritionist’ The Bare Scientist. The Bare Scientist  is a fellow North Londoner who will be sharing with you some of the tastiest and nutritious recipes weekly.

Not only are these mouth watering recipes super delicious, they are simple to prepare and there is always something for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not forgetting a couple of scrumptious snacks and a little smoothie to sip along the way.

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner …well it’ll be light, but still fit for purpose!”

A particular recipe that caught our eye this week has to be these amazing Wholemeal, Dairy-Free Spelt Maple & Cinnamon Cookies (extremely quick and easy to do. Damn do they look good!!!!


Cookie Ingredients:
200g wholemeal spelt flour
75g rapeseed oil
30g maple syrup
4 tbs ground cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda

Additional Ingredients: 4 squares of dark chocolate for decoration

1) In a large enough mixing bowl, add all five cookie ingredients and mix until a thick paste forms
2) From the dough into coins on a lined baking sheet for a rustic look, or roll the dough out for a cleaner finish
3) Place the cookies into the oven on Gas Mark 6 (200 degrees C) and bake for approximately 10 minutes
4) The cookies should have a slightly soft touch. Take them out and leave to cool, where they will then harden
5) Optional but I find the dark chocolate adds a nice contrast to the sweetness: Melt approximately 4 cubes of dark chocolate (over bain marie or carefully in a microwave) to glaze over the cookies. Leave to set in the fridge until the chocolate hardens (5-10 minutes should so)

Yes please to the entire tray!!!! Be sure to check out next weeks recipe.

Thank you very much to The Bare Scientist.

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