Lash Addicts

 Lashes have taken over the beauty world by storm. No look is complete without the revolutionary eyelash extension. They have a massive celebrity following, which enhance your own lashes and give you confidence and without any pain!

Lash Addicts London are master specialists in semi permanent lash extensions using Classic, Nouveau, and Russian lashes to give extra volume, fluffiness, length and texture. Based only a stones through away from North London in the heart of Essex. Lash Addicts offers this amazing service in her comfortable home with great chat and a lovely cup of tea always waiting. If you book in advance they can also occasionally offer a mobile service.

They come in different lengths, colours and curls, which Lash Addicts use to create a bespoke finish to suit clients’ face, eye shape and tastes.

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You have to set aside two hours for a full set of lashes, (when you are either chatting away or sleeping the time flies). When they have fine-tuned their method to the point where she doesn’t need that long; mine take 90 minutes. Once she’s done a client’s lashes a few times and is familiar with her features, this can drop to as little as half an hour.

Up close, I look like I’m wearing (good) strip lashes, from a distance, I just look like I’m wearing eye make-up. Mascara becomes instantly redundant, but so does eyeliner – normally a non-negotiable for lash-challenged persons such as myself. False lashes take me two hours to get on and I go to war with the glue. But thanks to my new lashes, I spend the weekend without a scrap of makeup, and head to work on Monday with just undereye concealer and blush. How very liberating.

If you want in on these lavish lashes please contact Lash Addicts on 07931 565 538.

Instagram – Lashaddicts


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