Energy Bursting Perfume – The Power Of Scent

Neom Organics gives you 100% Natural Energy, Bottled. Energy Burst Eau de Parfum has been created to support both the body and mind, at every point of your day. Neom Creative Director Nicola Elliott on creating the brand’s first perfume;

“We really believe that wellbeing starts with the little moments, so we have created this 100% natural, every day fragrance that you can use wherever and whenever you need an extra burst of energy. It could be for that 6am start, powering you through the school run, getting you refreshed and refocused before your board meeting, or a powerful lift before your gym class.”

This natural Eau de Parfum is a powerful, wellbeing boost from complex essential oil blends. A crisp, invigorating scent, blending the freshest grapefruit with sparkling lemon and a hint of rosemary, this 100% natural fragrance not only scents the skin beautifully, but delivers a potent burst of energy, helping to revive the body and power your day. Neom Psychologist Suzy Reading comments on the power of scent;

“Scent has an undeniable impact on mood and confidence. From the power of the scent itself which can instantly connect us with positive memories thereby changing the way we feel, down to the fact that a spritz of our favourite perfume makes us stand tall and take a deep breath in, which in turn boosts our mood even further. The Neom Eau de Parfum is the perfect companion for your busy day; it provides extra bursts of energy, coupled with a feeling of personal power.”

 RRP £49 for 49ml Launching 1st February 2016 exclusively at

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