Highgate Contemporary Art

If you are looking for an artist-led independent gallery in North London then look no further than Highgate Gallery.

The gallery has 24 talented artists exhibiting their wonderful pieces of work. The artists are all very contemporary with a modern twist covering beautiful still life, oil paintings.

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They have David Storey ‘Ghost Dance’ exhibiting from the 23rd Feb – 19th March.

Threadneedle Prize finalist David Storey is a British figurative painter. His psychologically charged paintings are about memory, with half-remembered people and places emerging from complex layers of texture and colour.

David says,

‘Personally, I find working with memory very therapeutic as well as creatively invaluable. I become haunted by the image I’m developing and it’s tremendously satisfying when I manage to get the milky idea from the back of my mind onto the canvas.’

Richard Unwin writing about David’s work:

“Sharing in their fragility, the characters Storey depicts are aware they stand on the edge, but they are aware too that we who look on them are also fragile. The blurred faces gaze out as if to ask if we who exist now have forgotten those who went before and if we believe our experiences today are really unique; the couples trapped in tension stand as a mirror to all relationships, while the most haunting characters come as associates of Ebenezer’s ghosts, ready to awaken us to who we truly are.”

Artist Statement

“My paintings are an exploration of memory. They offer glimpsed or half-remembered figures and faces – ‘re-imagined ancestors’ recovered from a personal archive of the forgotten.

I come from West Cumbria, which is a bleak coastal plain, welded onto the side of the Lake District. The municipal buildings and churches are mainly Victorian and built of sand stone that turns black when it rains… and it rains an awful lot there. This melancholy and primordial world of black buildings, rain, sea and mountains in which I grew up is the one that I paint.

Wherever possible I paint using my fingers, palette knives and rags instead of brushes, I achieve a much more expressive result and find I can create a fuller range of tones, colours, textures and lines working this way.”

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Opening hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday- Saturday: 11am -7pm

Sunday: 11am – 5pm

26 Highgate High Street
London N6 5JG

Tel – 020 8340 7564

Website – www.highgateart.com

Instagram – Highgateart

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