Top Ten Tips When Travelling With A Baby

As we all know travelling with a baby can be pretty stressful, I used to think you need an entire vacation’s worth off stuff just for the flight. How wrong was I….I managed to get my full case of pouches for the baby and medicines (get sample sizes) taken away from me as they only let you take what you will need for the flight. I will not be doing that again. I decided to pack all of my Ellas fruit pouches, snacks, calpol and nurofen in my carry on. Even though they were small and within the correct measurements this was still not allowed. Lesson Learnt!!

1. Milk – I found the Aptamil ready made bottles were extremely useful especially for long-haul and short-haul flights. They are just the perfect size and you can dispose of the bottle after, simple and fuss free. When I brought sterile water dispensed into my own bottles they exploded when I got onto the plane. The formula divider containers are still beneficial in case of emergency and to make sure you have extra supplies, you can ask for some boiling water on the plane.

2. Food & Snacks –  I would take a handful of fruit and vegetable pouches and be sure to put the rest in your check in bag. Try and make sure you have enough for the length of your holiday as when we travelled to the Sani in Greece, Miami and Israel it was impossible to find Ella’s Pouches. If you are going to a holiday home you can order a blender on Amazon to be delivered for when you are there or just pack your one from home in your check in suitcase. Take some Kiddylicious wafers too they also go down a treat.

3. Blankets & Muslins – As babies will be sharing your seat make sure you have some warm snuggly blankets as it can get rather chilly up in the air, take two in case one gets messy. White company cellular ones are my favourite. Muslins – Aiden & Anais are my go to brand as they are so soft, I would take four as you would not believe how messy babies can get. DO NOT FORGET THEIR COMFORTER.

4. Spare clothes – I took three spare outfits on my long-haul flight and one spare set on my short- haul flight. Take easy outfits such as baby grows or baby trackuit bottoms and long-sleeved vests from mothercare.

5. Nappies & Babywipes – Take enough depending on the length of your flight. The toilets are pretty impossible to do a nappy change so I would just do it in my seat with my husband hiding us (don’t tell anyone!)

6. Toys – You think you need a lot but they really just end up amusing themselves by tapping their hand on their mouth to make the “Wowowo,” noise. Take the bare minimum and perhaps just their favourite toy. Their chair that they bop in at home is also wonderful to have and folds down extremely easily.

7. Cotbed – Make sure to book a cotbed in advance as well if you want them to be able to lie down on a long-haul flight. These seem to go like hot cakes.

8. Travel pramThe GP Pocket Stroller at John Lewis is great for when you are on the move and feather-light, it is a handbag-shaped package, and practical and easy to stow away. It even fits into any plane or train overhead compartment perfect for parents travelling with their little one.

9. Mum Bag – You want to keep your hands as free as possible. The Kerikit bag is stylish, functional and luxurious, it has compartments for bottles, nappies and food and it even comes with a changing mat.

10 Swimwear – Keep swimwear at the top of your carry on case to get ready to jump into the pool as soon as you arrive. Bon Voyage!


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