Treasure Your Engagement Memories For Ever

Getting engaged has to be one of the most special experiences for a couple to share. How much do you wish that you could capture that rare moment and treasure it for ever. Well dreams have just become a reality!

The UK’s largest online diamond retailer, The Diamond Store are the first company in the UK to launch the Ring Cam which is an engagement ring box with an in-built HD camera to capture that priceless moment as you propose.

The camera can be rented for free (a refundable deposit is required) from and you do not need to purchase a ring from them. Simply turn on the camera and wait in suspense as your other half opens the box to reveal the ring.

With Valentine’s Day being one the busiest time of the year for proposals now is the time to grab yourself one of these Ring Cams.

Click here to  watch a real example of one of customer’s propose. It is priceless!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are looking for an engagement ring do check out The Diamond Store they are extremely choosy when it comes to picking the right diamonds for their exclusive collection of fine platinum and gold rings. With over 40 years of experience, their uncompromising diamond expert inspects and selects every single stone meticulously by hand. Each one must pass the rigorous,

“Diamond Store Test”

They only offer five qualities of diamonds, all of them high, with no flaws visible to the unaided eye. All of their solitaires are independently certified for your peace of mind. They are also the only pure online jeweller in the UK authorised to offer official Canadian Diamonds.

Website –


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