Uncover Your Beauty Essentials With Nailzee®


The nailzee®  Hand is the perfect way for you to easily care for your nails, whether you just want to paint them or carry out a full manicure! Available in a vibrant purple hue, this multi-purpose manicure tool has a use for both sides. With its bottle holder and a large, flat surface area, the top of the product serves as a hand rest while reducing the risk of product spillages. The underside features a dipped surface that is designed to catch nail clippings and dust from filing, and the product’s plastic material means that it can easily be washed or wiped clean.


Nailzee® was started to design, manufacture and sell innovative beauty products.

The Nailzee® hand is their first product to bring to the market.

The idea was born from having spilt nail polish on the carpet and this resulting in an  insurance claim. They believed  it was meant to be as they then did some research and learnt that it costs insurers millions of pounds a year in claims;

“they thought surely there was a product that they could design that could help to reduce the risk of damage to a surface?”

So after a few prototypes, many long days and lots of user testing they came up with the  amazing nailzee.

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Why not offer Nailzee® as a complement to your existing nail care and beauty range. If you are looking to purchase a Nailzee®  click here.


Email: sales@nailzee.com

Customer Service: +44 7565 087115


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