Aunty Fabulous Coaching Session 10: Do Not Be Afraid Of Criticism.

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We are back with our weekly updates from our in house agony aunt ‘Aunty Fabulous’ and hear some of the questions she has been asked, it was a great to hear how, ‘Aunty Fabulous’ tackled these obstacles.

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QUESTION: A lot of our readers find criticism detrimental to their character and find it extremely hard to hear. Sometimes advice can be taken in the wrong way and people can be extra sensitive. What advice would you give to people who need guidance in a positive way but are sometimes too delicate to listen and then lash out in a passive aggressive way? Friends sometimes need to be told to leave that boy, or you want to help them stop with drugs and alcohol but you just do not know how to go about it?




Hearing what others say when they want to help you can be challenging especially if the person listening isn’t ready to hear it.

Some people find it hard to accept they need help to change whilst others are caught up in a negative cycle on the wheel of doom that they think they can’t get off.

AUNTY FABULOUS SAYS:  It can often take the pain of reaching an all-time low to want to start feeling the pleasure of being happy again and letting go of what you don’t need any more.

We may tend to lash out at those we love if we don’t like what they are saying but know it’s the truth.

When it comes to matters of the heart love or lust or thinking you are in love it can sometimes blind us from the truth.

However wrong that person may be for us we may often refuse to hear it from a friend or family member. Deep down in our unconscious mind many of us know the signs that something isn’t working.

The partner we are with may not be right for us and the insecurity of going it alone in the big wide world again may not always be appealing.

You can do it and stop being afraid. You just need to take that leap of faith.

 AUNTY FABULOUS TIP: When your good friends are telling you something that you are choosing to ignore please take a few minutes to think about what they are saying. Listen to their words. They care about you and can often see what you can’t.  Know that you have support and believe that they are there to help you.

If they are giving you constructive criticism on how you look, what you recently said that upset someone or your recent or long term drinking habits or any other vice please LISTEN!

Listening and taking it in can be challenging especially if it isn’t what we want to hear.

You may feel embarrassed or a victim of your own mistakes.

We all make mistakes and this can give us the opportunity to have a fresh beginning, to start again and know which path to go down this time.



  • Listen to your friends and family and avoid walking away or shutting them down by refusing to hear what they say
  • Tell them thank you for caring and you will take on board what they have said
  • Make a decision to seek professional help if you need to and see a Life Coach, Counsellor, Nutritionist or make an appointment to see your GP to guide you in the right direction.
  • Start doing a hobby that you love or something different from your routine.
  • Focus on what will help you make positive change if you are going through pain

STOP walking around with the word victim on your forehead and listen to your friends and family. they love you!

Let them help you.

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