Aunty Fabulous Coaching Session 9

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We are back with our weekly updates from our in house agony aunt ‘Aunty Fabulous’ and hear some of the questions she has been asked, it was a great to hear how, ‘Aunty Fabulous’ tackled these obstacles.


Our fun, modern-day agony aunt says there are better ways to achieve long-term positive change. 

Aunty Fabulous says :

“New Year’s resolutions don’t usually work”

She says that her long experience in coaching people across the age range has shown that the act of making new years resolutions often prevents people from achieving the change they want.

“Putting pressure on ourselves to do unrealistic New Year Resolutions  – sometimes as many as ten of them – can prevent us from fully committing to doing it and making it happen,”she said.

Aunty Fabulous insists that it’s far more effective to plan what you need to change in stages over the year rather than seek to do everything on the first day of the year and fail after a few days.

“In order to bring about change that really sticks, you need to have a plan running from January right through to December.”

“By doing it this way, it makes it easier to implement and stick to the changes you want to make.”


“Having a plan of things you would like to do spread throughout the whole year can boost your confidence by helping you feel less pressured and more in control of what you are doing.”


“This will give you more long-term successful outcomes and can motivate you to keep going instead of having a quick fix for a few days or weeks and then stopping.”

For example, Aunty Fabulous advises that people who promise themselves that they will go to the gym every day to get fit after a Christmas eating and drinking splurge almost always fail to achieve their aim.

“It’s far more realistic to plan to go to the gym two or three times a week and put it in your diary as part of your weekly routine.

This will help you stick to the plan and enable you to keep going back for more regular workouts rather than stopping after a few weeks and not going back.

Aunty Fabulous has set out the following 14-point guidance list to help you have a more positive and successful outcome for 2017.

1. Make your fitness regime fun. Focus on what you want to achieve and enjoy different workouts throughout the week to inspire you For example on one day do swimming, one day go to the gym and on another day take part in an exercise or dance class. This will make it more exciting which will motivate you to keep doing it.

2. If you want to lose weight after a Christmas binge then do it gradually. It’s more effective if you allow your body time to adjust from Christmas cake and mince pies to a healthier regime including fruit, vegetables and health bars. When you lose weight at a gentle pace you will notice how the results last as the weight stays off longer!

3. Opt for healthy food choices and allow yourself an occasional treat in moderation.

4. Join a slimming or fitness club which enables you to socialize with others and to hold each other to account. There are usually some great deals around in the new year.

5. Seek support from loved ones. This is a key to success when you are following a new diet and fitness regime.

6. Focusing on fitting into your favourite jeans or dress again can inspire you to make and measure your progress. Leave them hanging outside the wardrobe so they are always a reminder to keep going!

7. Commit to the concept of having positive change as a way of life.

8.  To make change happen you need to take control of your emotions and mindset. You can help do this by remembering what you have achieved so far. You can also make sure that you talk to yourself in a positive way by including “positive affirmations” such as ‘I am in control’ ‘I believe in myself , “I can do this and I’m going to!’ Practising positive self-talk every day will help you to consciously change your way of thinking from negative thoughts to positive ones.

9. If you are stressed about a situation, meditation can help to clear your mind. This enables you to relax, focus and gives you more energy to mentally cope with any issues you may have.

10. If you feel overwhelmed with problems, visualise putting each issue on your mind into individual boxes and imagine yourself labeling each one. Then focus on opening just one box at a time as you look at the best way to solve that particular issue.

11. By giving yourself space and mental energy in your head it will enable you to think more clearly and focus more on what you want to achieve.

12. You can help overcome relationship challenges by first understanding your partner, colleague or friend. Listen and find solutions without rushing into making rash decisions. Communication can be key to achieving long-term happier outcomes.

13. Give yourself a budget to buy clothes for each season throughout the year.

14. Ensure you are spending your spare time as you really want to. If you want to take up a new hobby once a week or sign up for a part-time course you fancy doing throughout the year then book them! Whether it’s flower arranging, painting, cookery classes or ballroom dancing, make it part of your years plan! Place them in priority order of A, B, C and D. As you do each one tick it off your list and book the next one. Take action and enjoy the new fun hobbies you want to do.

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