Aunty Fabulous Coaching Session 8

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We are back with our weekly updates from our in house agony aunt ‘Aunty Fabulous’ and hear some of the questions she has been asked, it was a great to hear how, ‘Aunty Fabulous’ tackled these obstacles.

Question: When to plan for a second baby can seem challenging. Our readers have just established a routine, mastered the art of how to look after a baby and juggle life. Everything is now falling back into place; gym, work and social life. However the pressure around having another child is something at the forefront of their mind, constantly being asked by grandparents & friends, “When are you going to have the next one?” What advice would you give to the women that are just not ready to have their second baby, and it is ok to take their time?


Aunty Fabulous Says:

STOP listening to everyone else! It is you and your partner’s choice if and when you plan to have a second baby.This is a private and personal decision for you both to come to and is not anyone else’s business.It’s a natural reaction for family members and friends to ask when you are planning your next baby.


If you are asked just say ‘not yet! If they keep pushing you and asking why not tell them you appreciate them asking and will let them know if and when you are ready. Say you are enjoying your first born right now and when the time is right you will plan a baby brother or sister!

NOTE TO EVERYONE! Do not be pushed into thinking you have to have another baby as soon as possible!


Of course there may be circumstances such as the age of the birth mother, challenges in falling pregnant, an ill relative you want to see your next child. If none of these factors apply to you then enjoy your first baby and your routine.

If they are in nursery full time and you can enjoy your day, workouts, social life it doesn’t mean to say it has to stop.

Having a second baby three to four years after your first is ok. I have clients and friends that have an even bigger age gap because that is what was right for them.

Some of my clients and friends preferred to wait until  there first born was a year old and try again and others at eighteen months. Some decided one baby was right for them. It depends on what you want.

AUNTY FABULOUS FINAL NOTE TO YOU! It’s you and your partner’s choice – nobody elses!

The great thing is you have got your routine back and you have a beautiful baby with it! If you have done it first time round you can do it second time around too! – even third or fourth time.

Whatever you decide to do be happy, be healthy and enjoy what you do have right now.

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