A date With Super Woman (Annabel Karmel)

We were privileged enough to to have a good old catch up with the one and only Annabel Karmel, a woman with endless talents. Delivering her baby boy on the stairs in her home, Annabel –  has written more than 40 books that has sold over four million copies worldwide. UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author, best-selling international author, and the mother of all feeding experts as well as a professinal musician. (My grandma used to love to come and listen to you playing the harp.)

It all started with The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner in 1991 – a book which has become the 2nd best-selling non-fiction hardback of all time. It was a legacy to her first child Natasha who sadly died of a viral infection when she was just 3 months old.

As a mother of one, Annabel has always been an inspirational role model and a necessary part of my baby weaning journey. I would rely on Annabel’s Baby & Toddler Recipe App which is filled with 250 delicious recipes and a host of handy features. It’s the must-have app for feeding your baby and toddler.


Thank you Annabel for taking the time to come and visit the North London Calling head quarters, how are you today?

“Great, it is always an extremely busy time of year for me pre-Christmas and I am off to Miami in the morning which will be fun over new years eve.”

I can imagine and totally in agreement of a Miami winter break, I also have a holiday home there and the weather is perfect over December. New years eve parties are always spectacular at The Fountainbleu.

With your bags already packed being the most organised woman we know, what delectable treats have you been cooking up today?

“A healthy and delicious bake for Christmas, Pecan Date And Cranberry Bites. No added sugar and packed full of nutritious ingredients.”

They sound heavenly but I have to say my all time favourite is the gingerbread men cookies, my baby absolutely loves these.

“Yes they are pretty yummy.”

Where do you get your inspiration from for all of your recipes, they are always full of so much flavour?

” I felt extremely vulnerable when my son Nicholas came along, and wanted to give him the very best foods. He just happened to be the world’s fussiest eater (which helped launch my career.) My friends had babies that were fussy eaters. So I rolled up my sleeves and got straight to work on cooking-up inventive combinations that Nicholas would love. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that these would culminate in a cookbook that would go on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide.”

As your success has grown on such a high scale, was this something you imagined when you started out?

“No…  I was trying for a few years to launch my book and encountered a few set backs with publishing houses, however, I was determined to succeed, and did. I Have two successful apps that have been going for several months.”

I know you are a mother of 3 yourself and it saddened me to hear of your story of your first born, you are truly driven and show such strength to other women. How long was it after your tragedy before you threw yourself into your culinary passion?

“It was a year later when my son was born which was 27 years ago, and I am now blessed with three happy, healthy children.”

It is great to see you in a happy place and doing something people could only ever dream of doing, even the Queen recognises your talents. In 2006, Annabel received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for her outstanding work in the field of child nutrition, and has since become recognised as one of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs.

We think this is pretty WOW! Anyway back to the interview…

 My baby boy can sometimes be a very fussy eater and go anything from 1 – 2 weeks where he barely eats anything which causes me to worry, do you have any advice for this?

“I never panic and try to always remain calm, babies will never starve themselves. If your baby is loving fruit at the moment perhaps mix this in with some of their food so they are tasting this first. I used to do this with my son who hated chicken and that is how my chicken nuggets came about.”

Mmm I could do with some of those right now!

Do you find it easy to switch off?

” I go to a lovely gym three times a week, my personal trainer is practically a friend, after all I am spending just as much time with him as I do my friends if not more. It is important to have a great relationship with people you surround yourself with. I also enjoy a good box set.”

What would you say is next on the cards for Annabel Karmel?

“I have a new book coming out in May,  and I am launching a new app which is very exciting.”

That is, I cannot wait to read it.

Fortunately my baby boy has turned now turned one and I cannot wait to treat him to your yummy frozen range which are some of his favourite meals. Keep your eyes peeled for the full review in January.

Annabel thank you very much for your time today, it has been great to meet with you and I look forward to seeing you again in the new year. Hope you have a great holiday.

For much information about Annabel :

Please visit her website – www.annabelkarmel.com

Instagram – annabelkarmel

Twitter – annabelkarmel


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