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As a massive chocolate advocate, lover of all sweet treats and a carby, fizzy drink kinda girl, I felt it was about time to get some expert advice and my diet under control. Being 31, having a baby and a mum suffering from breast cancer, I felt it was imperative for me to turn to a more healthy lifestyle.

I was recommended to go and see the fabulous Hannah Richards Nutrition And Lifestyle Coach extraordinaire based in Harley Street (opening soon in Highgate.)

Hannah is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach whose aim is to educate and enhance the quality of life through food, to balance the body chemically, physically and mentally. Hannah works predominantly with restoring health to the Gastro intestinal Tract, so she can deal with conditions such as Acid Reflux, Ulcerative Colitis, Chrons and all symptoms under the umbrella of IBS. Hannah opened her holistic health clinic at the age of 30 and her first book The Best Possible You will be published in 2017 by Orion Books.

Hannah has been involved in sport from an early age, competing at the highest levels whilst still in school.  At university she worked part time as a personal trainer and realized her true calling was in health and fitness and in helping people be the best possible versions of themselves. She trained with the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute based in California, where her knowledge of nutrition blossomed. She is an Advanced Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach level III and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.

She works along side Dr Simone Laubscher at Rejuv on Harley Street seeing patients for Gastro Intestinal issues and all digestive complaints.

As well as seeing her own patients in London and internationally, including working regularly with a range of celebrities, Hannah also works alongside leading experts in their fields including parisitologists, dermatologists and medical nutrionists and works as a nutritional consultant to the Feel Agency and Sweaty Betty.

Hannah is a regular contributor to publications including the Evening Standard Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Health for Men and Company magazine as well as having a regular slot on the Chrissy B Show on Sky TV. Hannah loves seeing clients get better, thinner, happier and more confident.

“I always say there is a reason for everything that happens in your body.
So it’s about finding the root cause of a person’s ill health or discomfort.
I never know how long that will take but the journey that you embark on when looking after you and your body is liberating, exciting and educational. I want to empower my patients to know how to look after themselves.”

 I guess I was sort of ashamed to actually admit out loud what I indulge in on a daily basis, but Hannah made me feel completely at ease straight away. I rattled off a usual day in the life of ‘Nicole’ Pizza, Pasta, Hobnobs, Ribena to name a few, and Hannah said point blank;

 “The body is resilient but only up to a certain level.”

I knew then I wanted to listen and see where I could make some avid changes. I was always under the assumption that diets’ and healthy eating were more like punishments but it is actually more about nourishing and finding healthier alternatives. We went through everything from start to finish and looked at where I could substitute the refined sugar and less natural products for some yummy alternatives.

It was a great to know there was a balance and I could still treat my sugary tooth now and again with delicious Hunky Punky Chocolate Ice Cream from Booja Booja (it is truly scrumptious,) or a Clipper Hot Chocolate with Almond Milk. Swopping the carbs for sweet potato or butternut squash and bread for Vogels all extremely yummy.  Having the motivation that Hannah was going to be weighing me weekly and checking my urine was enough of a drive to stick to the diet as I did not want to disappoint or feel embarrassed when I hopped onto the scales.

“I have lost half a stone in a month, which was done in a sensible way (not skipping meals) and the weight will now stay off (fingers crossed).”

Hannah is all about realistic, achievable goals and she wants to help you fall in love with your body by rewarding it with only the best. I very much look forward to my hour long weekly coaching sessions with Hannah, and advise you to get in touch if you are looking for a practical diet plan.

Please contact Hannah via email:

    – for Harley Street

   – for Highgate

Website –

Instagram – cpj_hannah

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