Everyone knows burgers are the ultimate comfort food, Homeburger have made it possible for top quality burgers to travel to you on that lazy (very hungover) Sunday when you do not want to leave the house but you are dreaming of the juciest burger.

We had a very heavy Saturday night partying until 4am at The Dorchester for a close friend’s wedding, leaving us feeling extremely delicate on the Sunday. We were all picturing our heavenly ‘Homeburger‘ to get us through the day.

The delivery arrived in its trendy packaging and still looked in great quality all the way from Holloway to Totteridge. Who would have thought,

” A burger that can travel, and arrive at home in the same condition as it left, still warm too!”

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We had received a banquet fit for a king. There were a few mouth watering Homeburgers with Cheese which consisted of the freshest ingredients. Beef patty with cheddar & American cheese, fried onion relish, pickles tomato, baby gem lettuce, home sauce and a toasted brioche bun.

Some succulent FRIED CHICKEN SHACK which was made using boneless, skinless whole chicken leg, buttermilk marinated and fried, homeslaw, tomato, guacamole, chipotle mayo, and a toasted bun. This went down a treat and was my favourite burger.

We all tucked into our fair share of the HOME FRIES (probably my monthly  calorie allowance in one evening). Triple cooked, skin on fries, mmmm they were scrummy so crispy.

Another side we devoured was the MAC SHACK AND CHEESE twice baked macaroni cheese enough to cure any hangover.

We were all extremely impressed the burgers were still piping hot and remained fresh. This was a perfect Sunday night in for the family.

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What Homeburger are?

Homeburger create gourmet, restaurant quality food, designed to go far beyond a mere plate. They are serious and passionate about burgers. They source only top quality ingredients and make their food from fresh, daily. Their aged beef comes from grass-fed, free-range cattle. They are not just about burgers here, their fries, shakes and pies can certainly hold their own.


Homeburger set out to create a product that was not only top quality, but that could travel, and arrive at your home in the same condition as it left.

Their process is to source fresh ingredients , finding the best quality British Beef, and creating the best possible burger, they do not just stop at the grill. The same care is taken over their packaging, transport  and delivery.


Months and months of R&D went into testing over 100 types of packaging ensuring the right heat retention and airflow were achieved. Due to rigorous testing, they can guarantee that when your order arrives, the bun is still fresh, the chips crispy and the burger piping hot.


Homeburger currently has one location, 169 Holloway Way, London N7 8LX.

Website – www.homeburger.co.uk

Instagram – Homeburgerhq

Twitter – Homeburger

Pick up the phone and give them a try!

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