10 Essentials For Your Baby’s First Bash

Planning for your little one’s first birthday can send you into a bit of a frenzy, (honestly they hate all of the fuss.) I spent hours deliberating on everything driving my husband crazy when really it just needs to be as simple and fun as possible.

1. Cute Outfit.

Head to Little Threadz for all of your children’s outfit ideas.

2. Fill your dining room with soft play.

The kids will absolutely love it, it is easy and mess free. The company drop it off before the party and then collect it at the end. Check out Soft Play Adventures.

3. Friends (invite as many little people as you can)

After all it is the people that make the party.

4. Family.

Family is everything and it is important to share these special times with loved ones.

5. Decorations.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Get balloons and lots of them from Party City.

6. Food (bagels for the adults, fish fingers and waffles for the babies and an abundance of bamba that usually goes down a treat.)

7. Presents.

Check out this cool ride from Kids Cars Direct.

8. Cake.

Check out the Curly Cake Company for these delicious cakes.

9. Blow lots of bubbles.

The kids are mesmerized by them.

10. Party Hard or go home!

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