Baby Of The Month: November





This November has been an extremely busy month for our ‘In house photographer’ Zoe, celebrating her own little cherub turning one so to commemorate this she did a cake smash with Ashley, her little boy.

Cake smash photoshoots have become a highly demanded style of photoshoot in the US over the last few years and as a result they have come over to the UK and are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do the babies look utterly adorable but the colourful cakes totally jazz up the shoot. Watching the babies delve into these tasty cakes with such delight is a pleasure to watch and a joy to photograph!

“I had so many winning shots of my little pudding digging into the cake it was hard to pick just a couple!”

The shoot only lasted half an hour and Ashley was in his element given free reign over a giant cake to smash, eat and shmush all over his little face! We had such fun on this shoot, if you are looking for something different to celebrate your little one’s birthday,

“I highly recommend a cake smash, (plus you get to eat cake too!)”

Get in touch for more information at or head over to the website

Instagram – @Zoehawkerphotography



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