The Stylish Mummy Bag


The idea behind Kerikit is a simple one, you are not one-dimentional and your bag shouldn’t be either. The choice between function and fashion is one that we already engage in, but but becoming a parent tests this relationship even further. With the well thought-through and beautifully designed KeriKit collection this dilemma is now a thing of the past. Let your Croc embossed KeriKit bag be an extention of your personality, even when you’re mummying the heck out of life!

Introducing the luxurious and multifunctional JOY backpack which has already started collecting well deserved accollades by being awarded platinum for the

‘Best Changing Bag’ at the Junior Design Awards 2016.’

It’s cool, it’s stylish and it’s funcional. What’s not to love? JOY boasts three generous sized, lined compartments, encased in the finest leather and its dual purpose pockets allow you to maintain ‘hands-free’ functionality.


At North London Calling we could not wait to get our hands on a Kerikit bag our favourite one being the JOY style.

JOY has lockable zip pockets, multiple bottle holders – enough to hold bottles for the baby and/or for your gym sessions or any daily adventures. A secret pocket for your valuables that sits close to your skin and multiple internal pockets for all of your possesions. With a choice of two colours, black or tan and the added option to add your own personal stamp, whether it’s initials or something close to the heart with a max of 18 characters. Embossing and monogramming has never looked so good. It’s JOY by name and by nature.


The IVY multifunctional bag that changes with you. Exuding an aura of class and sophistication, the IVY is beautifully embossed with a crocodile print in a cognac brown oil grain premium leather.

With exclusive limited edition runs, each and every piece is intelligently designed and entirely hand-crafted. Kerikit is committed to sourcing and hand-picking the highest quality leathers. Highly-skilled workmanship ensures each bag is constructed perfectly to create hard working, beautifully balanced bags that are quite simply, a pleasure to use.

Kerikit’s IVY bag also flaunts an internal water-proof compartment, ideal for gym-kits and umbrellas. Alongside this a secure integrated compartment will secure your office needs, or can alternatively be used to store your flats for after-work drinks.

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With the added option to personalise your bag, whether its initials or something closer to the heart. Embossing and monogramming has never looked so good.

Website –

Instagram – @keritkit

Twitter – @kerikit

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