Zing Zing, a clean Chinese take out.

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to indulge on the tastiest Chinese ;

“probably one of the best take aways we have ever tried.”

Zing Zing arrived very efficiently in its super cool packaging, the food was all extremely well presented with a variety of dishes, everything was still at the perfect temperature for us to feast on straight away, our taste buds were definitely at the ready.



Zing Zing had chosen us an amazing array of dishes which we could not wait to tuck in too.

We started with some scrumptious Duck spring rolls, Duck pancakes, & Prawn crackers an all-time favourite of ours and a must have as appetiser from a Chinese. They definitely went down a treat as we emptied our plates. We sipped on our flavourful bubble teas which  were a great  accompaniment.

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Next we tried the scrumptious ginger chicken which was definitely our favourite dish along with the yummy egg fried rice which we could not put down.



We also got sent a divine beef chow mein, (I had to save some for my husband as that is his favourite), full-flavoured Korean spiced chicken wings, delish chicken satay, and a heavenly beef stew. We both thought we could never eat again we were that full, but not in a sluggish way like you normally feel from a Chinese a good kinda full, we still managed to squeeze in some luscious banana and nutella fritters for desert.

If you are looking for a great-tasting Chinese Zing Zing is your go to place and we cannot wait to order from them again.

Zing Zing

Is essentially a clean, modern take on Chinese takeout. The menu is pretty varied & high in quality. Currently so many takeouts are full of chemicals (MSG), low quality food (particularly meat) slow delivery time and poor service. Not to mention the fact that they are pricey.

Zing Zing  sets out to revolutionise the Chinese takeaway. The menu was designed by executive chef Jeremy Pang, all produce is of the highest quality, delivery time is pretty incredible and the average price for a main is £6.50. Perhaps all of this is why in under a month Zing Zing raised £1.6mil on Crowdcube which is the biggest overfund ever (the aim was £350,000).

The business was set up by 30 year old entrepreneur Josh Magidson who at the age of just 24 sold the website he set up at university to Just Eat for half a million pounds. Zing Zing was founded by Josh in 2012 and currently has two locations, Kentish Town and Highbury. From just two sites, the company generates a turnover of £1.2m which is forecast to rise to £2.8m next year. The business will hit revenue of £22m by 2020 claims Josh. The business has some pretty heavyweight investors including Jaimie Barber, Maurice Abboudi and John Harrison.


Zing Zing currently has two locations, Kentish Town and Highbury. From just two sites, the company generates a turnover of £1.2m which is forecast to rise to £2.8m in 2017. It is predicted that the business will hit revenue of £22m by 2020.

BLACKSTOCK ROAD | 0207 226 6664
Delivering to Highbury, Islington, Finsbury Park, Stoke Newington & More.
KENTISH TOWN ROAD | 0207 284 4432
Delivering to Kentish Town, Camden, Belsize Park, Hampstead & More.

Instagram – zingzingchinese

Twitter – zingzingchinese

Facebook – zingzingchinese


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