Fur Fabulous

What could be more fabulous than a fur sale in November? Right ladies!

‘Rachel fur apparel and accessories‘ are having a promotion with 10% discount off all of her pieces for the month of November using code NOV 16 Launch.

What a great investment for winter. Here at North London Calling we have been known to invest a fair share into fur gilets, scarves, hats, and coats, and also not forgetting the beautiful “Ow so soft fingerless mittens.”

We look forward to our yearly consultation with Rachel to stock up on all the ‘must have’ pieces from her collection.

About Rachel

Rachel Fur Apparel and Accessories was established in 2010 in London by Rachel Zeitlin the fourth generation of her family in The Fur Trade.
It is a family run company that draws upon its history and knowledge of the trade to supply top quality responsibly sourced farmed furs, Rachel undertakes the buying and sourcing of all materials and products.
RFFA offer a variety of services in order to supply fur products for the growing market from manufacturing, sourcing, designing and production; working with handpicked world-renowned suppliers and manufacturers.

Rachel herself is involved in every aspect of the industry ; in particular the production of her own label Rachel and private label instructions and is a proud member and board member of the British Fur Trade Association.
The Rachel label was created for the open-minded fashion forward consumer with a penchant for fur! Very relevant to our glamorous North London Calling readers. The label focuses on chic fashionable accessories
and garments that have a timeless appeal. Rachel is synonymous with supplying high-end quality furs which accent current catwalks colours and trends.


The brand offers transparency and traceability from farm to fashion.
Rachel being fourth generation of her family in the trade draws on her extensive knowledge and contacts to work with only renowned, trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers.
It is of great importance to Rachel that her “Fur” is responsibly sourced and therefore she works closely with trusted auction houses Saga, Copenhagen, Sojuzpushnina and NAFA.

These auction houses are know for producing the best quality fur by the use of only the best practices for fur breeding by following animal welfare guidelines. International laws,
regulations and industry codes of practice tightly regulate the fur trade. These ethical policies address everything from animal welfare to environmental impact.


The Rachel label differs from generic fur brands because of its unique focus on luxury accessories and ready- to wear pieces that are trendy with a classical twist with the application of new technologies.

Rcahel designs, sources and dye’s,material and manufacturers her own collection, as well as sourcing pieces worldwide to suit the desires of her private clients.

The collection features chic fashionable accessories and garments that have a timeless appeal with a sparkle of high fashion statement pieces inspired by the latest catwalk trends.

The brand focuses on crating a wearable collection for all women ; whether it is their first time fur purchase or those looking to add to their extensive collection.

North London Calling loves –

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Accessories and garments are available in a variety of furs such as Chinchilla, Fox, Mink, Raccon, Rex Orylac and Sable in many styles and finishes.
The collection is produced in various locations such as Italy, Greece, Hong Kong and China. This allows Rachel to draw on each country’s areas of expertise.
For example Italy is known for its expertise in dying and treatment to the leathers. Greece for their workmanship, Hong Kong for the design attention to detail and China specialists in fur and knitted work.

The Showroom

RFFA has a 1200sq foot showroom situated in North London. Imagine that ladies an entire spacious area filled with all fur….

The best way to shop the collection is by visiting the showroom and seeing the extensive collection of styles, sizes and a variety of colours, cuts and furs!

Home visits or personalised pop up events can be held in private residences or commercial premises.


Fur needs to breathe. Hang your fur article on a broad padded hanger, allow it to hang freely and do not store in a garment bag or any synthetic material.
Direct sun and spotlight may cause colour to fade.
Rain or snow does not cause any problem. Just shake your wet garment and hang in a well-ventilated and dry room while avoiding direct heat sources and high temperatures are damaging to the fur and leather.

Depending on how much you wear it, your fur should be dry-cleaned once a year or every two years by a fur cleaner.

Fur travels easily. Fold it before putting in your suitcase and simply shake it.

During warm weather store your fur with a professional furrier or fur storage facility. Should you prefer to keep it at home, choose a dark, cool ventilated area.

If you would like to know more about “Rachel fur apparel and accessories”

Check out her website – www.rachelzeitlin.com
Twitter – @rachelzeitlin
Instagram – @rachelzeitlin
Facebook – Rachel Fur Apparel and Accessories
Email- info@rachelzeitlin.com


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