Harri Bites Loving

Here at North London Calling we’re absolutely obsessed with anything sweet or chocolatey. It only takes one of us to say, “Do you fancy a hob knob with your tea,” and the response is always “yes but I am trying to diet, but oh go on”. Dieting for us consists of a lot of chocolate so as you can see the ‘diet’ is kinda non – existent.
We were thrilled about ‘Harri Bites’ when a beautifully packaged box landed at out desk to brighten up a gloomy morning. Harri Bites are a gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free range of raw chocolate truffles made with superfood ingredients. Basically just as good as the real deal but actually good for you.

The Flavours

There are three flavours of Harri Bites: Beautify Me, Immunise Me and Energise Me. Each contains a specific superfood designed to Beautify (acai berry), Immunise (wheatgrass) and Energise (maca) the body. What more could you want out of a food?
Health and brand conscious Harriet Linder set up Harri Bites after noticing a lack of luxury when it came to healthy snacking. Harriet quotes:
“Healthy snacking has become more and more accessible these days, and whilst I wanted to develop a snack that tasted delicious and made you feel good, I wanted to make sure it looked good too. I spotted a gap in the market to turn these ugly brown balls into something beautiful, something indulgent. After all, indulgent eating doesn’t always have to end in guilt. – we can say we definitely carry a fair bit of guilt after our daily indulging in so called ‘naughty treats.”

Harri Bites are a natural and healthy alternative to indulgent snacking.

They are wrapped in a foil coating and packaged into beautifully illustrated boxes. You can eat as breakfast on the go, pre or post-workout or during that dreaded 3pm slump – these little balls of goodness have been developed to nourish you from the inside and out.

The Range

Each are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

BEAUTIFY ME – a North London Calling favourite – they tasted delicious and also they were very filling. Little balls of delicious happiness packed full of skin, hair and nail loving ingredients, designed to beautify you from the inside out. Ingredients: almond, cashew, cacao, coconut, date, acai berry

IMMUNISE ME – little balls of delicious green goodness packed full of body boosting ingredients, designed to immunise you from the inside out. Enjoy whenever you fancy going green! Ingredients: almond, cashew, cacao, coconut, date, wheatgrass
ENERGISE ME – little balls of peanut power packed full of natural energy boosting ingredients designed to give you some oomph in that hour of need.
Ingredients: peanut, oats, cacao, coconut, date, maca, himalayan pink salt
Harri Bites will be available from 5th November in Raoul’s Deli, Maida Vale. You can find them on Instagram @harribites or email harriet@harribites.co.uk.
We cannot wait for our next box, we don’t want these to run out!

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