The North London Mums We Want To Be

With one half of North London Calling care taking a baby and the other thinking that parenthood could one day be a reality quite soon, we’ve become a little bit obsessed with This Is Mothership, a website dedicated to fashion and beauty for busy mama’s.



Written by North London’s very own Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger, between them they have awards for beauty journalism (Sam is the beauty director at Stylist magazine) and has worked with some of the most in-demand fashion and celebrity stylists in London (Gemma could absolutely tell you a story or two).  With nearly two decades of experience between them working on national newspapers, magazines and on television for brands including Net a Porter, Marks & Spencer, The X Factor and Revlon, you can already imagine what their features are like.


Already trusted by an enormous fan base they have mothers and mums-to-be checking in every day! From fashion and beauty to all about babies, check them out. You may have already seen them featured in the press!


We here at NLC were fortunate enough to catch up with the lovely ladies and here’s what they had to say.


Hi ladies. We love you as individuals and as This Is Mothership. We’re intrigued, how did you two meet?


“We met on Instagram! We had been ‘Instagram’ friends for a while, doing the usual liking and commenting. We both had our own blogs (Sam set up a mummy beauty blog on maternity leave and Gemma had a fashion blog for years). We both seemed to have the same idea – content for mums that was useful but still cool – but were finding it hard doing it alone. Gemma emailed Sam one night asking if she wanted to do something together (bare in mind that we didn’t know each other and had never met – bit stalkerish!) and Sam replied within 5 minutes saying that she would love to and invited herself to Gemma’s house the next day where ‘This Is Mothership’ was born.”
Haha, sounds very modern. What inspired you to create This Is Mothership and how has it changed your lives?

“We were frustrated that there was nothing out there for women to read who had become mums, yet still wanted to keep their ‘cool’ so we set up This Is Mothership, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle site combining our professional expertise with our experiences as new mums.”

Between the two of us here at North London Calling, we are planning a wedding, have a baby and both work full time jobs as well as other projects. It’s a constant balance. How do you juggle all the work with your day jobs and having babies?
“We’re both back at work now. Sam is the beauty director at Stylist and Gemma is a fashion stylist so juggling the blog with our day jobs and mum jobs is challenging but we’re loving it. The other day we were in River Island and a reader came up to us and told us how much she loved the website and that the navy mascara tip  had changed her life! So things like that make all of the late nights worth it!
What do you do to switch off and enjoy yourselves? Do you spend a lot of time together? Our partner’s here at NLC often get annoyed when we’re on our phones, do yours?
“We’re on Whatsapp 24/7 much to the annoyance of our husbands! If our weeks allow for it then we try to do an evening a week where we can sit down with our laptops and plan content, answer emails, do some filming and brainstorm ideas. Otherwise neither of us work on Mondays so we spend Mondays together with the babies. When it comes to switching off we can usually be found watching an episode of the Kardashians on the sofa. We miss Love Island too.”
Have to love the Kardashians. Where do you see This Is Mothership in five years time?
“Hopefully still providing useful fashion, beauty and lifestyle info to mums! In five years time our babes will be 6 (and we will hopefully have added to the team) so we will have lots more experience to draw from!”
Being based in North London, we would love to know your secrets. What are your favourite restaurants and is there a favourite salon that you visit?
“It’s hard to find time to get to the salon these days what with nursery pick ups and sleeping babies so we are both huge fans of mobile beauty services that come to us like Secret Spa, Perfect10 and Milk Beauty. We believe in these so much that we offer discount to all of our readers. We have a discount running with Secret Spa at the moment – quote MSHIP16 to get £10 off (valid until Christmas). Gemma is obsessed with the Secret Spa spray tan and it’s become a monthly addiction.”
Sam gets her hair cut and coloured at George Northwood in town and loves a fancy mani at DryBy (also in town) when she can squeeze one in. More often than not though a salon called Enico five minutes from her house – they do the speediest mani/pedi and open late so she can nip out later in the evening once her husband is home from work to take over the babysitting duties. 
Oh how cool. What’s been a particular high point of your careers so far both individually and as This Is Mothership?
“Soho Farmhouse asked us to host an fashion and beauty talk for Mums in May which sold out. That was really fun. We have a pre-Christmas styling event coming up with GHD too so look out for that and have some great collaborations with fun brands in the pipeline. In terms of personal highlights,  Sam was promoted to Beauty Director at Stylist shortly after returning from maternity leave and Gemma still can’t beat her high point of styling Britney Spears!”
Sounds awesome!


Thank you ladies we hope you enjoyed participating in our “A Date With…”. We’ll be sure to keep checking in to your site.
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