Hair Never Felt So Good

For any North Londoner, hair care is essential. With a party invite landing at the drop of a hat it’s important to always BE ready, so you never have to get ready.

Here at North London Calling we were recently introduced to North London’s very own haircare brand, 72 Hair. Everybody’s hair is different but their ethos is simple, to offer you the same, perfect hair results no matter what type of hair Mother Nature’s blessed you with. The 72 Hair products are suitable for processed, coloured, textured, Afro Caribbean or virgin hair. All of their products are sulphate free too. They have developed products to improve the overall condition of the hair and to achieve amazing results every time.

The Science 
The 72 Hair team’s passion and expert knowledge is squeezed into every single product and ensures that every time you use it, you will fall in love with the results. Clever science and premium ingredients come together perfectly, it’s where the magic really happens.
The Ingredients
Hydrolysed Keratin:
Revitalises the hair and helps rebuild strength. Increases hair elasticity and reduces breakage.
Creates a protective shield against irritation and exposure to chemical treatments; adds body, manageability and increased tensile strength.
Amino Acids:
Adds moisture as well as strengthening to the hair structure. Helps protect hair colour and increase shine.
Hydrolysed Silk: 
Encourages smooth, shiny, easy to manage hair. Helps protect hair against environmental damage and increases hair elasticity to reduce breakage.
Balance’s the hair’s pH level. By maintaining the optimum pH level the hair is stronger, healthier and more vibrant.
Avocado Oil & Germ Oil: 
Added to rejuvenate and increase moisture within hair.
Cocoa Oil: 
Increases moisture within hair to reduce frizz.
Vitamins and Essential Oils: 
Vitamins serve as anti-oxidants, protecting hair from damage by environmental factors such as sunlight and decelerating the oxidation process.  Essential oils sooth and hydrate the hair and as a result nourish and eliminate frizzy hair
Smoothing Gel: 
Gel based Keratin rather than liquid based, allows the keratin to penetrate into the hair quicker and more easily. The texture is easier to work with and quickly dries into the hair.


Tried & Tested


“I was nervous to travel to work this morning as it was typical ‘frizzy hair weather’ and I didn’t want to ruin my beautiful bouncy blow dry having only tried and tested the amazing 72 Hair Care Products last night.

Reaching the office I ran to the mirror straight away expecting to see a wind swept mess,  I was so happy to see my hair had sufficiently past the test of not looking like a mop.

My hair felt like frizz-free silk and felt extremely luscious I could not stop running my hands through it. The smell was so fruity and fresh I had to keep pulling a piece under my nose.

My hair felt the best it has ever felt in a long time even straight after I washed it the combing bit which I usually dread as I have extremely long hair, was actually a dream, and my blow dry lasted a week.  These products will definitely be filling up the shelves and cabinets in my bathroom

Their ethos, “Our gift to you is eliminating the daily struggle if maintaining perfect looking hair” – well you definitely did that for me.


Intense Moisture Shampoo
Perfect for frizz-free, stronger, shinier and much healthier hair
Hydrating Conditioner
Great for sun exposure and pollution
Blow Dry Cream
Formulated with Hydrolysed Silk and Keratin which acts as a thermo shield and nourishes all hair types
Repairing Oil
Easily absorbed no greasy residue and leaves your hair looking frizz-free, shiny and radiant.


If you would like to buy their amazing products head to their website


(Also find them on twitter @72hair) and Instagram @72hair



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