A Foodie’s Journal Eats London’s Journey #2

Lawyer by day, foodie by night. You’ve already met Ash from Eatslondon.com, (see here) and know that he shares with us the most delicious restaurants that are a must try. His website is dedicated to food reviews from the food capital of the world, (London) and here he is today sharing his secret with us.

Current Favourite Restaurant

“Highlight of the month is Sosharu. It’s Jason Atherton’s new(ish) Japanese restaurant in Clerkenwell. A large, diverse menu and buzzy atmosphere. Expensive as you would expect but ideal for a special occasion or client/business lunch or dinner.
In addition, Ash has also enjoyed the relaunch of Le Coq, a neighbourhood restaurant in Islington that has diversified its chicken offering to lamb and pork too. Also, new Italian Margot from Paulo de Tarso adds a much needed injection of glitz and glamour to the dining scene in Covent Garden.
A huge thank you to Ashley and don’t forget to check out his website, Eatslondon.com.

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