What To Do With Your Home Movies

Here at North London Calling we love to treasure our best memories. That’s why we love the concept of Moviebytes. They create special edits of movies and images, producing gifts to share with loved ones or even to promote your small business.


Moviebytes is North London’s recently launched video editing business offering customers a bespoke service. Essentially it’s your one stop shop to doing something fabulous with all of those videos and images that are just sitting on your smartphone or camera.

Founder Lauren felt inspired by the wealth of video footage captured by her father of her childhood which (despite thinking it was annoying at the time), giving her something to look back on. She enjoys re-living those special moments. Moviebytes came about after Lauren learnt to edit videos and  capture film using DSLR’s whilst working at her other marketing job in the city.

After having her baby, Lia, she switched from making corporate films about hotels and airports and started creating montage videos about her first experiences. Friends loved what she could do and gradually started asking her to make videos for them of their kids too and before she knew it, the orders came flooding in. In just a few months Moviebytes has expanded with recent projects including large scale videos aired at events, filming and editing promotional videos for small businesses and working with some of North London’s top bloggers on their vlogging content.

The most popular video requests are ‘baby first year’ montage videos and surprise videos for celebrations where family and friends from all over the world send in footage which is edited into a compilation of messages or a lip sync music video.

The future is exciting for Moviebytes as they have lots of ideas up their sleeves to expand their business with some more unique video gifts and packages to help small businesses with their digital exposure.

If you would like to know more please do get in touch with Moviebytes

email: hello@moviebytes.co.uk
website: moviebytes.co.uk
facebook. moviebytesltd
Insta: moviebytes.ltd
Twitter: moviebytesltd

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