How To Train When Pregnant

She’s back! Hurrah for Emma. So you’ve already met our fantastic personal trainer columnist, Emma Bord before (if you haven’t, check her out here) and we’re thrilled to share her latest column, on… Exercising while pregnant!
While one half of North London Calling has already experienced the situation (she literally did not even look pregnant),  it’s great preparation for when the other half of NLC comes to have her turn.

Over to Emma…

Should I exercise through pregnancy? My answer is a resounding yes!

As a personal trainer focussing in this area I can’t emphasise enough the importance and benefits of training at this time. Not only will it keep you energised through pregnancy, it has been proven to aid labour and furthermore speed up your recovery post birth. Having recently had a baby myself I found that regular exercise kept me healthy and strong and most certainly helped the post birth recovery.

Obviously it is of utmost importance to workout safely at this time, but there are countless moves that can be done to maintain strength and fitness whilst you are growing a little one inside of you.
My top pregnancy exercises are:
1. Walking
I walked daily up until the day I went into labour. This will keep excess weight off, maintain fitness levels and generally leave you feeling energised. Add in a couple of hill walks closer to your due date and you may just find yourself ready to push 😉
2. Squats
Keep those thighs and butt toned – the baby isn’t growing from your legs so there is no excuse but to get working on this area. Familiarise yourself with the big swiss ball that will come in handy during labour by using it to squat – Place it between your mid back and a strong wall and go for 3 sets of 10 squats, holding the last one down at the end. This will encourage deep toning whilst ensuring your back stays supported.
3. Swimming
Feeling weightless when you’re more whale-esque is a great sensation. Relaxing, whilst toning the arms and legs makes swimming a perfect choice during pregnancy.
4. Pelvic floor exercises
The ones we love to forget but really will help you after the birth. Can be done anytime any day. In simple terms just practise using the muscle that stops you going to the toilet.
Thanks so much Emma! For more information and tips on pre and post natal exercise check out her Instagram page @emmabordpt or email me at
Next time: post natal exercises to rebuild that core!

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