Don’t You Want Classic Ladies In Print?

The art of letter writing has long been a tradition. Thanking that person for the exquisite gift, a love letter or even a note to say happy birthday. There’s nothing we love more than reading a letter from a pal in another country, letting us know what they’ve been up to while we have a nice cup of tea.

When we first heard of designer, Camilla Flint, we straight away jumped online to view her wonderful fashion inspired pieces. Camilla wishes to enliven the time honoured art of letter writing and to inspire an appreciation of classic correspondence.

According to her statement, Camilla’s inspiration for her drawings derive from her many curiosities. The arts, literature, countryside and her sophisticated understanding of a fashionable society contribute most notably to her concepts.  We love her notecards, each designed using pen, ink and paper. She definitely has her own unique style and for us, each image is synonymous with the North London lifestyle. That classic female silhouette walking her dog around Belsize Park or shopping in Hampstead, always looking polished and finished.

You can pick up pieces from her Couture Card Collection and view lots more online. They cost from as little as £2.90. Show someone some warmth, authenticity, thoughtfulness and generosity today.

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