Popping Baby Bottles with Cute Baby Models

You may have heard of My 1st Years online through friends or perhaps it was that insane story you read recently with Prince George donning a fabulous personalised white robe, which flew out in less than 60 seconds.

Here at North London Calling, we’ve been in love with the pretty little website for a year now so we were thrilled to hear of their recent success. It truly is exciting times ahead and they’ve also collaborated with Sam & Billie Faires which is performing really well. You could say that there’s literally no stopping the brand now!

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a cup of tea to chat to co-owner and get the 411 on My 1st Years. We couldn’t get over just how fabulous Dan is so put your feet up and enjoy.

Hi Dan, hows your morning so far? What have you been doing today?

“Hey yeah it’s been a busy one today. We are about to launch out Christmas shop on line today  and then heading out to meet our brand ambassadors Sam and Billie Faires to plan our winter campaigns with them. After that I have a meeting with our creative agency to sign off our very 1st TV commercial due to air on October 12th! It’s a busy but exciting day!”

So we’d love to know the story of how you and co-owner Jonny met and decided to start up the company. How did it come about?

“Jonny and I have known each other since we were 3 years old and went to nursery together. We’ve been best friends ever since and followed each other to the same school and university. We were always thinking up ways of making money but the idea came about when we were looking for an original baby gift idea for a relative. We personalised a shoe and everyone thought it was amazing  and said we should develop the idea…”

Do you have any children of your own and if not, are plans to have some on the horizon? We’re guessing you’d have their gift list all set for life?

“No children yet although it’s definitely something we want in the future. Jonny just got married and bought a house and I’m getting married next summer! “

So we recently read about the enormous success of the robe when modelled by Prince George – how was the office that day when it all came out? How did you feel?

It was a dream come true. Never in a million years did we expect that. It was during a family dinner we noticed it on the daily mail website. Within seconds our phones and emails were going crazy as everyone instantly recognised it as being our robe!

The next few days was a whirlwind. The product sold out in minutes, press from all over the world wanted tv interviews and press statements. Customers were desperate to get their hands on the ‘Prince George’ robe! We had to put it on pre order and was shipping them out all over the world! It’s amazing what a bit of celebrity placement can do for a brand! We are very grateful for it.”

We noticed that you’re working with Sam and Billie, how have they helped My 1st Years and what’s the plan going forward?

“The girls are fab. They have over 3m Instagram followers combined and are hugely popular reality tv celebs here in the uk. Our customers love the girls – they relate to them as normal down to earth working mums. The girls have a range with us on our site and love to feature the products on their little ones in Instagram! They are great models! “

Aside from Prince George, is there anyone else that you’d love to see wearing My 1st Years and if so, who?

“The Kardashians would be a great call. We know they love our product but we are still waiting for the Instagram post! Lol “

Here at North London Calling, we’re already planning what to get our babies and loved ones for Christmas. What’s going on behind the scenes right now at My 1st Years in preparation and what can we expect? Is there anything super exciting that we should keep an eye out for?

“We are super excited about our first ever to commercial on itv be airing during mummy diaries this October. We are also super excited about our personalised penguin robe making an appearance in the not on the high street Xmas ad. We are planning some amazing Black Friday offers and got an amazing selection of personalised Christmas gifts for all the family – including personalised Christmas stockings, kids toys and clothing and of course traditional and glitzy tree accessories! “

Being avid customers and fan of My 1st Years, we have to say that often we’re tempted to buy the gifts just to receive those exquisite turquoise boxes! Do you get a lot of compliments on the packaging? If ever you’ve any spare, you know where we are!

“It’s amazing the feedback we get about our box. Customers love it. It’s the finishing touches to the perfect gift. It’s amazing what uses people find for the boxes afterwards – mostly a keepsake box for precious baby moments.”

Thanks so much for that interesting look into your company Dan, we’re really excited about what the future holds for you!

Visit My1stYears.com for the full range and check out their Instagram here – @my1styears

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