Mine, Yours, Ours, Twinset’s…

North London Calling is an online magazine epitomising a stylish North London life. Whether we’re speaking to Hampstead writers who own vast amounts of miscellaneous art (i.e. someone who got a big inheritance) or Primrose Hill’s working yummy-mummies, they all have something in common. Their unique style.

Pavements and shop windows aside, the pursuit of exceptional street style usually involves jumping websites or Instagram accounts. Well, we don’t have that hassle because for us there’s only one place we visit. The hub of sophisticated, multifaceted fashion inspiration comes from North London’s very own, We Are Twinset.

Brought to you by YOU Fashion Editor, Philippa Ross and The Lorraine Kelly Show Stylist, Sarah Ellis. We Are Twinset is an ingenious fashion blog giving an insight into the style, loves and daily looks of two professional London based stylists. Their thematic approach to fashion content is unparalleled by anyone – and anything – else. There’s no naivety when it comes to their knowledge of emerging brands and refreshingly, there are no try-hard outfits. Just posts packed full of creativity and imagination.

We Are Twinset disinters a collection of trends and neatly demonstrates how to incorporate hero pieces into your day-to-day outfits. Philippa and Sarah segue into their next look without interruption and rarely deter from their unique, personal style. Whether they’re coveting souvenir pieces or transitory fashion, the ultra cool blogging duo will show you two ways to wear it; Philippa’s way or Sarah’s way.

If you’re looking for child-like mega-loud print coats with clashing novelty boots and yellow statement eyeshadow, you’re in the wrong place. Their style is timeless and chic and for that reason we love it. You only have to see how they unapologetically challenge the 9 to 5 suited-up dress code to understand why their fresh perspective on fashion is quickly catching on. They’ve taught us that bare toes in the office CAN be done people.

Already, hardened fashion fans and editors alike are following the extraordinarily brilliant blogging pair. The nonchalant, unperturbed twinnies have us lusting over luxe sportswear, Gucci belts and holiday-wardrobe flair. A reference for fuss free-styling tips, they’ve been showing followers how to shop for a while now – did you see their outfits when launching the Topshop Party Room last November?

We love their innocence and desperately want to mosey around Hampstead with them on a Saturday (with twinning matcha tea lattes of course). Like us, they’re advocates of investment pieces and we’re fond of the fact they don’t compromise their integrity like some bloggers. Their confident, cool and grounded tone of voice makes it a reliable source of originality that’s perfect when you’re scheduling a wardrobe update. Whether you need enlightenment on textures, layering or elegance, you can be sure these girls are inhaling enough fashion at their day jobs to be guiding you in the right direction.

North London Calling were lucky enough to catch up with the beautiful pair and talk contemporary fashion, fabrics and find out what really gets them going. Here’s what we learned…

Hi girls, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. What have you been up to today?

We have both been at the office for our day jobs and met after work to style up an exciting project. We ended the night with a quick email catch up over a Whole Foods super salad.

Your blog is great, do you find it tricky juggling your blog and your career?

It’s a constant juggle but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are both so passionate about our careers as well as the blog and we are so grateful that we have the support to be able to do both.

We are obsessed We Are Twinset, especially your shoes. Go on, be honest, how many pairs do you think you own between you?

We feel sick writing this…but at a guess, probably around 350 between the two of us! We know we need help!

So it’s festival season. We get the impression you may be a bit anti-Glasto. Would you ever consider going and if so, what outfits would you take with?

You guessed right, we’re not really festival goers! It’s just not our thing…but if we were to go we’d stick to our usual style of frayed hem jeans, a half tucked tee and a pair of this seasons Pom Pom sandals to get into the spirit! The River Island & New Look styles we showed on our ‘holiday hotlist blogpost’ are our faves.

We love how you unearth trends before they’ve hit the high street. Do you take inspiration from the catwalks and if so, which fashion house do you think is killing it right now?

We always take the essence of a trend and try to make it our own. There’s nothing worse than looking overdone and trying to wear every new season trend at once.

We’ve seen some impressive day to night reworked outfits over time on your blog. Which has been your favourite outfit for a night out after work?

We have streamlined our entire wardrobe for this very reason. We love that we can work things for the day and then on a night out and we love to see things work hard in our wardrobes. In the autumn we couldn’t get enough of luxe PJ tops teamed with our culottes but right now the silky lace trim cami is our go to item.

Both of you are happily married. We’re intrigued – how would you define your wedding styles and what was the most important aspect for you?

We both definitely stuck to simple, classic designs. We wanted to feel like a bride but not too bridal. Whilst we both (separately obviously) tried on full dresses we just didn’t feel ourselves in them. As for the rest of our days it was classic and understated all the way.

Dressing aside, you girls look pretty similar. Do you often get mistaken for actual twins?

All the time!! Often we like to wind people up as well – it’s definitely got us some free dinners!

Unfortunately we are broke, but hypothetically if we were to give We Are Twinset £100 and then £1,000, what items would you invest in?

Oooh good question! With £100 we would go straight to our fave high street shop Zara and snap up some new in pieces. There’s a cute embroidery denim jacket that has our names on it! With a £1000 we’d hit the shoe floor at Harrods and have a field day.

We’ve seen some grungy looks slipping into this years Summer street style. If you were to tackle this trend, what would be the fundamental pieces that you’d consider?

We can’t live without our leather jacket, it’s a must have for us all the time. So we’d definitely wear that and we like the idea of a grungy tee to go underneath.

We Are Twinset has had some incredible moments since launch. What for you has been the most memorable, pinch-me moment?

Thanks so much, there’s been some amazing moments over the past two years! Probably working with so many amazing brands, launching events and our very own WAT dress with the designer Olivia Rubin.

What’s next for We Are Twinset?

There’s lots of exciting things on the radar, more fashion, beauty & lifestyle posts and we have some amazing trips planned. Watch this space!

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