What’s Happening With RØMANS

One of the trendiest singer/songwriters and music producers of the moment is Sam Romans – a.k.a RØMANS. Aside from penning songs for music royalty like Alicia Keys, AlunaGeorge, Disclosure, Clean Bandit… (etc), you will know him from being featured on Naughty Boy’s ‘Home’. He even wrote “My Loving,” “Long Hard Look” and “Doubt” for Mary J.Blige (from the album, The London Sessions).  Signed to Jay Z’s record label, Roc Nation, be prepared to hear more from the star in the coming months. Watch out, he’s super talented.

Originally from Pinner, Sam now lives in North London with his stunning family. RØMANS kindly took ten minutes out of his hectic day to sit down with North London Calling for a cup of tea and give us a little Q&A.

Hey Sam, hope you’re good. So come on, how did it feel when you discovered you were signed by Roc Nation? How did you celebrate? Was it in North London?

Actually, I had a deadline by which I had to sign my record contracts by, so I met my manager at a frozen yoghurt place on Mill Hill Broadway and signed it there.

So dish the dirt, who has been the most tricky or demanding person that you’ve worked with and why?

I can’t name and shame but sadly there have been a few unpleasant people. Luckily the great majority of people I work with are lovely and often the bigger and more successful ones are the most humble and professional.

We know you have an impressive black book of contacts in the music world. Has there been one person who you have really enjoyed working with?

I recently worked with Elton John who is my childhood hero. I grew up in Pinner so we were talking for ages about the area. We wrote a few different things, one of which is a sequel to ‘Your Song’.

Sounds amazing! So who in the music world are your inspirations?

All the usual suspects and for good reason. The Beatles, Elton, Bowie, Prince etc.

And may he rest in peace! So when you want to relax, do you have a particular playlist that you like to listen to?

By the time I usually do get to relax, music is the last thing I want to listen to.

Oh I can imagine… So here at North London Calling, we love to travel. Where is your favourite place to escape?

I love NYC, it’s the closest city to London so it always feels like home. It’s not just about Manhattan either, Brooklyn is very cool.

When you’re not in the studio or writing for well known musicians, what do you like to do with your free time?

Nothing too adventurous. I have two little girls so on the weekend I do Dad things. Mainly brunch. I’ve never had so many brunches in my life since having children.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Doing a conga line with Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj whilst Jay-Z DJ’d the soundtrack to Grease from his laptop.

Oh wow, we can just picture it now. So now that you’re well established in your career, what’s next for RØMANS? We know that you always strive to be the best – we have to ask, is the USA on the cards?

No, I could never live there. I’ll always pop to LA for writing trips but no interest whatsoever in making it permanent. London is my home.

As you know, North London Calling love a chat about fashion. Tell us about your style, what you’re wearing today and where you usually shop when you need something cool.

I’m a bit plain. I love Theory T-shirts and Nike Air Max. I also quite like Cos. The high street brand, not the lettuce.

Thanks so much for your time Sam, we will definitely be buying your latest song, ‘Tears’ which you worked on with Clean Bandit featuring Louisa Johnson. It’s a new favourite of ours for sure.

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