There’s Beauty Then There’s Montana Bloom

In London there is always a fair share of beautiful people. Men and women, sometimes you’ll walk past someone and literally stare at their breathtaking gorgeousness. Here at North London Calling, we appreciate there’s stereotypical beauty but then there’s North London’s very own drop dead gorgeous, brunette dream, Montana Bloom.
Originally from Manchester, Montana has been living in North London for some time now. Her sensational locks have the one half of North London Calling in a melt down wondering how she gets them so glossy. The other half of NLC is obsessed with her perfectly toned body. You could say we’re majorly crushing (sorry hubby and hubby-to-be). This week, we were lucky to catch up with the attractive petite model. Here she is giving us the low down on her life as a North West London model…


How are you today Montana?
“All is well with me thanks apart from dreading getting the tube into Oxford circus in this heat for a casting…”
Ha! Can you tell us who the casting is for ?
“Of course, it’s for an exciting new eyewear brand”
Cool. Which agency are you signed with ?
“I’m signed with Lenis Models in the UK and have a number of international agencies too”
You think they’ll sign us? Haha. How long have you been modelling for now?
“I’ve been modelling for five years now. I started out in Manchester (where I’m originally from) where I was signed by Boss Models
Which brands do you work with mainly?
“Lots of brands. They range from Asos, Boohoo, Remington, Nelly, Pretty Little Things, H & M and Milan eyewear. Keeps me busy!”
Sounds like brands we’d love to wear. You must get so many freebies?
“No freebies as such but it’s great if you’re going on a night out – I would have just had my hair and make up done! That’s always a winner for me…”
Montana you’ve an awesome figure, we’re so envious. What are your eating habits to stay in such fantastic shape?
“I like to eat healthily during the week but still indulge in the occasional sweet treat at the weekend. I also try and go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do a mixture of pilates classes and cardio…”
Montana we’re tired just thinking about that exercise. What do you tend to do on the weekend?
“Living in North London, I love to go to Greenery Cafe for a Sunday lunch followed by a relaxing stroll in the beautiful Primrose Hill. In the night time I like to go around Mayfair to restaurants and bars with my boyfriend and close friends”


Montana we’ve loved catching up with you and thanks so much for you time. We’ve loved the little insight into the modelling world.
Find Montana on Instagram @montanabloom

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