Delivering Hair & Beauty Straight To Your Home

As a reader of North London Calling, you will know that there’s always a party to head to, an event or a wedding to attend or a huge occasion worth getting dressed up for.


With a sleeping baby upstairs or dinner cooking in the oven, it’s often tricky to head out and get that luxurious manicure, the blow dry, pin up hair do or a cool new makeup look.


But here at North London Calling, we know there’s a solution.
Blow Ltd have launched an exciting new app that promises to deliver an expert, vetted hair stylist or make up artist straight to your home, office, hotel or event from 7pm until late. Specialising in nails, hair and makeup, it’s certainly a one stop shop for all your beauty needs from the comfort of your own personal space.


For expert beauty professionals direct to you, all you have to do is download the Blow LTD App to your phone. Once downloaded, you can access an abundance of choices from blow dry styles to makeup themes. The Chic Blow is our favourite! There are also lots of cool new things being added, only today we realised they also offer individual lashes, just £90 and takes only 90 mins.
Three Easy Steps To Get At Home Glamour
1. Select your service or browse our looks. Choose from a blow dry, make-up, nail, facial or lash service.


2. Their team of expert tested and vetted stylists are on standby, once they accept your request, booking is confirmed.


3. Sit back and relax. Their experts will arrive at your door fully equipped with everything they need to leave you feeling fabulous.Click here to download the app on Apple or here on Android

What’s also fab is that you can shop 1000 beauty products direct from the app. Enjoy!

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