Release Tension, Fatigue & Restore Energy Through Breathing

It’s a known fact that an essential part of anyones general wellbeing, is breathing. It’s something we do automatically without thinking but often not done correctly. Ultimately, it’s the first thing that’s affected in times of stress. There’s no point decorating your body and enhancing your looks with makeup and fancy skincare if on the inside, you’re vital organs are being starved of oxygen and are unable to sufficiently release carbon dioxide.

Breathing is something we can consciously control but lots of us spend our lives breathing the wrong way and not harnessing the true power of our breath.

As feeling stressed and trapped by the demands on our daily life becomes more and more commonplace, it’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to take back your life and get a grip on your own influence over your body. In times of anxiety and even panic attacks, here’s the key. When you feel like you can’t catch your breath, it’s because you forgot to do something. You forgot to exhale.

It’s all well and good talking about breathing and telling yourself that you’ll pay more attention in future but it’s not enough. It’s worth taking your time and immersing yourself in its power and taking the time to learn the correct techniques to help you regain your mental and physical focus.

There’s a lot of help and information online and we do recommend that you take the time to research breathing techniques that are right for you. Here at North London Calling we’ve done enough yoga and pilates to know how important breathing is.

One book that we are particular fans of, is ‘Breathe’ by Jean Hall (Quadrille, £7.99).

A handy handbag size book that will teach you some of the simplest methods to increase awareness and mindfulness. Jean is one of the UK’s most inspiring yoga teachers with a mass of experience through years of yoga practice, travel, body work training (including dance) and spiritual disciplines so you know this book is going to teach you a thing or two.

Breathe provides simple breathing techniques that you can use anywhere. It includes 20 breath work exercises to improve well-being; covering the essentials such as moving breath, mindful breathing and how to rebalance the breath. It helps you feel motivated to find peace on your daily commute, a moment of quiet in your local park or just to keep by your bedside. The easy-to-follow techniques and inspirational quotes improve the way you breathe and open yourself up to feelings of renewed energy, sense of calmness and clarity of the mind.

“Despite the breath being the source of life, most of the time we don’t give a second thought to how we breathe and the impact that this has on the way we live” 


Breathing the right way has many benefits including lowering your blood pressure, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation and helping you to de-stress. Through focussing on our breathing we can begin to relax and de-stress, open up to renewed energy and clarity of the mind. In Breathe the easy-to-follow techniques are all designed to return our breathing to its natural and optimum pattern that is full, deep and responsive to life.

The book covers the benefits of breathing deeply and fully, the mechanics of breath, techniques to improve posture, and simple breathing exercises to support the entire body in releasing tension, fatigue and restore energy.

You can buy Breathe for £7.99 at Waterstones.

Breathe, Jean Hall, (Quadrille £7.99)

So if you want simple breathing techniques for a calmer, happier life, give it a go. If anxiety or depression is a serious problem for you, we do urge you to speak with a doctor.


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