‘Meet With A Poem’ Brews Love On World Coffee Day

Imagine a world with no phones. A world with no social media, no Whatsapp, no…dare I say it… Pokemon GO! It’s not possible, right? But what is possible is our modern-day technological world co-existing with the established, well practiced age old process of writing. Specifically speaking, written poetry. I know, you just gasped, right?

In an attempt to banish superficial connections and reconnect loved ones through poetry, this World Coffee Day (yes, it’s a thing), Austrian based coffee roaster Julius Meinl is inviting people across the world to meet with a poem and discover if poetry can make relationships better. Here at North London Calling, we vote that yes, it can. For centuries, poetry has been the centre of history and making an impact. William Shakespeare, Silvia Plath, William Wordsworth, Dylan Thomas, Oscar Wilde… we could go on. Love letters, statements, life quotes, jokes, songs… poetry is at the helm of almost everyones heart.

“Meet with a poem and discover if poetry can make relationships better…”

So what’s involved?

Coffee roaster Julius Meinl is engineering a unique social experiment on World Coffee Day (Saturday 1st October). On this day, Britons are invited to meet with a poem and discover if poetry can make relationships better. Simply visit meinlcoffee.com and replace any current social media profile picture to a ‘poem profile’ to let your feelings be truly seen.  In return for this open display the coffee is on Julius Meinl. It’s that simple.

Meet With A Poem follows the recent success of Pay With A Poem in March, where tens of thousands of complimentary coffees were enjoyed across the world, all paid for by poetry!

Who’s getting behind it?

Internationally acclaimed poet and campaign ambassador, Robert Montgomery met his partner through poetry and lends his support to the initiative. You could say he’s the ‘text-art Banksy’ of the poetry world – check out his website. He comments “There’s so much turmoil in today’s world and in the face of this it feels even more important to hold on to love and tenderness. Meet With A Poem encourages us to look at what really matters – love. This World Coffee Day I encourage people to be a little bold with their emotions. Who knows what could unfold with a simple change of a profile picture to poetry!”

The campaign, which is the first for the brand, is set to take place in upwards of 10 countries across hundreds of cafes, hotels and restaurants serving Julius Meinl.

Love and poetry – fad or true?

  • One in five people last told a partner they love them more than a year ago
  • One in ten last told a partner they love them more than a half-decade ago
  • Nearly half of 24’s and under have never received a love letter in their lifetime
  • A third of Brits believe love letters are the ultimate romantic gesture
  • 8% of those 24 and under would prefer to tell a partner they love them via technology, compared to a national figure of 6%

Despite this, love letters still hold power, with nearly a third affirming they are the ultimate romantic gesture, and one in 10 confessing they long to receive one. Interestingly, more women than men admitted to not having the confidence to pen a love letter.

Julius Meinl’s CEO, Marcel Löffler says:

“As a brand with a heritage cemented in the Viennese coffee house culture – a creative and artistic environment – we have a natural intrigue into how relationships can be positively impacted through poetry. Our mission is to make the world a more poetic and better place, in small but meaningful steps. Therefore, with the launch of Meet With A Poem we aim to bring people together and see if poetry and good coffee, can positively impact how we connect.”

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To find out more about Meet With A Poem and for profile picture inspiration, visit Julius Meinl on Facebook or go online www.meinlcoffee.com

We would also love to see your profile images, keep an eye out for ours.

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