A Colourful Type Of Escapism

You know how it feels to be over-stretched, anxious and often unsettled. Blowing energy on an eventful life, commuting and working super hard can leave us all frustrated and not quite knowing how to de-stress.Here at North London Calling, we’ve tried a combination of massages, lord knows we’ve booked the holidays and we’ve tried changing our diets. We’re always keen to try something new. When we first heard about the benefits of ‘colouring in’, we laughed it off. When our friends started buying the ‘adult colouring books’, we stopped making fun so much. Then we read in full about how colouring titles have adapted and are now relevant for the modern-day, erratic human being and we were sold.

We’re now huge fans of colouring. Whilst one half or North London Calling is an avid fan the ‘Mindfulness‘ series, (a collection of books helping us busy bees destress, relax and essentially, meditate), the other can’t wait for the release of ‘Dreamweaver: a colouring adventure to help you dream the night away’ by Olivia Whitworth (Quadrille £10, October). The latest in the series are ‘Mindfulness Colouring: Nature’ and the ‘Mindfulness Colouring: Postcards’ and they have us completely hooked.



It’s been proven that colouring in can invoke feelings of easier times; our childhood. It helps our brain revert to a happier time. The beauty and enjoyment of colouring in the sweet little patterns and scenes acts as a meditation. A relaxation technique, helping us to feel more calm.

Perfect for emotional and mental health issues, it’s been said by leading psychologists that it releases us of boredom, a lack of structure, and stress.

The time and focus that adult colouring takes helps an individual remove the focus from the negative issues and habits, enabling our brain and mind to rest. It enhances our focus and helps with our concentration problems.

It’s also a form of problem solving and in helping us to practice mindfulness, we’re replacing negative thoughts with positive and pleasant ones. Great for our intellectual health. By colouring in the concentric circles and geometrical patterns, it’s also an imaginative escapism.

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Mindfulness Colouring: Postcards by Holly Macdonald (Quadrille, £.6.99)
Dreamweaver: a colouring adventure to help you dream the night away by Olivia Whitworth (Quadrille £10, October)

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