Nesting With Tajo Home

In the world of home interiors, ceramics are a vital part of decor – making your home a home. Whether your taste is more Scandinavian, bohemian or minimalist chances are you will have some type of ceramic design integrated into your habitat. We have recently heard of a brand new contemporary ceramic website where customers can pick up some simple and functional pieces at an affordable price.

Natasha Hurwitz made her dream come true when she launched Tajo Home. Inspired by her impressive travels and routes, North West London’s Natasha was fascinated by what could be made from natural materials and believes that these items made from the earth could carry their own energy and evoke feelings within a person.

TAJO Home has brought together a collection of remarkable pieces from around the world. The diversity of the skilled makers truly demonstrates what they are all about. Each piece has its own story to tell, with the ability to conjure different thoughts and emotions with an infusion of its own culture and history. With makers from the UK, France, Spain and Japan, it is like a magical haven bringing the wonderment of stumbling upon a piece under one roof.” – TAJO Home, London

We really hope you love the collection of handcrafted ceramics as much as we do. Here at North London Calling we have fallen in love with a few pieces in particular: like this hand made display bowl, made by Portuguese ceramicist, Paulo Alves. This elegantly shaped bowl is made in stone with a swirl of dark colour throughout.

Display Bowl, £62

Other pieces that we cannot wait to get our hands on include:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To shop, simply visit their website. You can also find Tajo Home on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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